Turning Archive 2006

Pen Turning startup (just to try) requirements

>Iíve been searching around but not found a good answer yet, maybe someone here can help. I donít see myself becoming addicted to pen turning (famous last words I know) but I canít help wanting to try it. It seems to me that there is a cost to just trying it, either I have to pay for a class or buy the startup materials. I already have a lathe on which I attempt to turn a few bowls on every year, and I am ok on the gouges, but I donít have drill press or any of the other pen tools. I know I would have to get a mandrel, blanks and pen innards but from reading about the startup kits on the various store sites I would need to get more than that, and even then a drill press seems like a big piece of the puzzle.
So what I am asking is with just a lathe, the gouges, glue, and some finish; what is the minimum I need to purchase to get a final pen.


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