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Just left Sonja and Bob Lemon's house.

Dave Smith
>Heading for Bakersfield. Les Robison doesn't answer his phone and I forgot to bring Steve Lewis' number. I think they knew I was coming their way. I can't give advance notice or nobody would ever be home.

I tried to get Sonja to break her thumb. I managed to turn the end of my left ring finger black and blue by interacting with the same natural edge oak bowl that leaped off the chuck and bit Sonja. I did set her up for sharpening her scraper and gave her a piece of honey locust as a consultation prise for being such a bad mentor. Sorry Sonja. I know you said it didn't hurt but I said the same thing.

There had to be a number of people with burning ears today.

Dave Smith

Reporting in from the Flying J on Jack Tone Rd. and HWY 99 in Ripon, CA.

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Just left Sonja and Bob Lemon's house.
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