Turning Archive 2006

Glad I missed the last chat session.

Stuart Johnson
>I missed the last chat session because my wife and I drove up to Little Rock to see the Clay Foster exhibition. I don't understand much of his work but it was a pleasure to see and one can appreciate the creative thinking and skill process involved without that understanding. There are three Katchina type pieces that I just marveled over. Unfortunately one of the guards came over and said photos weren't allowed. I told him it was okay we're from Texas but some folks are just plain pig headed and won't bend.

I highly recommend the trip if possible. Also try to spend some extra time to visit the Arkansas Historic Museum and the Clinton Library plus some other galleries in the area. There were a lot of turnings that ranged from rough weed pot hollowed with a drill bit and no attempt at clean up to a hollow carved tree ornament displayed in the Clinton Library. All in all a very enjoyable trip.

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