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Gloat I think

David Breth
>I bought me a bandsaw. Delta BS220LS. 12", 1/2hp, 6 inch depth, coming out of a super-clean shop, and has several replacement blades coming with it. Also - comes with an MB Accusquare fence with a resaw attachment.

Money-wise I think I did well. Paid $200, if you bought the saw and the accusquare new you'd pay a little over $500. The condition of the equipment is good enough to have warranted a higher price I think.

Machinery-wise I think I did ok. I know 12" isn't the end of the world capacity, but I think it will be enough to hold me for quite some time. The 1/2 HP motor could be called into question, but I'm going to run a relative handful of blanks through this a month, so this machine won't face a daily grind.

Overall, finding a decent used bandsaw in my price-range within driving distance was a bit tricky. Interested in your thoughts, predictions and hints - now that it is too late...

David B.

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