Turning Archive 2006

Holy Smokes ! It's Here Already !

Brad Vietje
>The 3520-B I ordered on January 28 is already set up at the dealer's showroom, and should be ready to turn on by this afternoon... Now I'm really getting antsy to turn on this beauty.

I had arranged to have it shipped there, and not here, because I don't have a space ready for it yet. I figured I'd go up and kick the tires a bit, and even offer a Saturday turning demo to help him possibly sell a few more lathes & tools before it came home with me -- otherwise it might just get rusty sitting out in an unheated barn (below zero here this A.M., so really unheated). Man, oh man, I gotta hurry up and put together a shop space -- gotta finish my office first, though... AAARGH !

Safely not spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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