Turning Archive 2006

My first piece of turning wood *LINK* *PIC*

Ray Carson, New Jersey
Okay......I didn't buy all of these but I did buy the chunk in the upper left corner of the photo.
Since I haven't turned since high school I've been messing with some scrap trying to get my feel back for the lathe. Wood chips have been flying. It's like riding a bike.
Now I just have to figure out how to mount my new Rose Myrtle Burl. Trying saying that 10 times fast. :-) The website has some instructions on how to mount a piece like this but I could use some pointers. I need to buy one of those chuck thingies too.

I'm giving the web site of where I bought it. Maybe some of you have seen it or bought from Lee Tree Woodworks.
The owner is a guy named Lee Tannenbaum. The whole transaction was great and he was most helpful with my emails. He even called me with a price quote instead of an email.

Wish me luck,

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