Turning Archive 2006

Gathering in April Update

T Daniel
>Ok folks, a lot has been going on and a lot still has to be done. Our WC gathering will be April 25-27. This will be done as Phil Wall started it: some instruction and lots of "hands-on" time. This is what is lined up so far:
There will be demos at all skill levels followed by hands on time on a lathe to make certain you can actually do what you have just seen demoed. If you have never used a lathe, come. If you are very experienced, come. There will be events for everyone.
There will be a demo on a treadle lathe by a very good craftsman.
There will be several groups at various skill levels teaching and learning and sharing.
There will be a judging of items for sale and an auction of judged items. At least one gallery has committed to be here for the auction and several collectors plan to be here.
There will be food, fun, and opportunity to learn and share.
There will be a sell or trade area where you can sell or buy tools and wood.
Everything will be free except there will be a small percentage paid to the auctioneer and donations for the food will be accepted. There will be camping space available for tents or campers, a motel list will be available and discounts may be available if I book a block of rooms in advance.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to come to this event because it is extremely difficult to plan something like this when you have no idea how many may come. This event will be a great learning experience for all. You'll get to meet people who you have been talking to for years and you will gain friends and skills. This is our gathering, it is not my event. I need help with the planning and the demos and the grilling, etc, Please let me know if you plan to be here, what facilities you need, and what you can help do. Let's make this a truly great event.

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