Turning Archive 2006

$300-$700 lathes

john lucas
>I get asked quite often what lathe to buy and I like to recommend the mini lathes as good starter lathes but quite often they want a bigger lathe but don't want to spend much money. (been there, done that) I thought I would ask what you all think of the lathes in this price range. Grizzley has 3. Go584,G0462 and G1067Z One downside of their lathes is the odd spindle thread size however the 16" has a 1" spindle. If you have one of these lathes I would like to hear about it.

Jet has a 12" lathe in this price range, the 1236. Anyone have any experience on this one.

Delta has a 14" that is in this price range. the 46-715

I loaned out my Harbour Freight catalog so I can't look there. Oops forgot about thier website. I'll do some digging.

Anyone know of any others. I thought this information might be good for the group.

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