Turning Archive 2006

Had a blast at Ellsworth

David Galloway
>A week ago, four of us from the Georgia Association of Woodturners headed north to Quakertown to participate in a workshop with David Ellsworth. We stopped on the way at the Wood Turning Center in Philly and was treated to fine hospitality by Albert LeCoff. If you are ever in Philadelphia, make sure to go to the museum. It is unbelievable, particularly when you a wanting to catch a glimpse of the development of our art/craft.
The time with Ellsworth was excellent. I asked this grouop to give me some advice in terms of what to expect. Several of you told me to be open to learning new ways from David. Having been taught by many others, also talented and experienced, I wondered what might be so different. Well, it was. I tried to maintain a beginner's mind throughout and wound up blowing up a vessel that I had put a lot of time, pressing to move beyond my comfort zone. Funny that when it blew up, I did not. I felt as if he met each one of us where we were in our development as a turner, challenged us to move out of the comfort zone, and then affirmed the progress we made. That seems to me to be a pretty good definition as a teacher.
It was a great, albeit long, trip. I highly recommend the experience be it at his fabulous studio in the Pennsylvania woods, or at other venues. I can not imagine how it could have been better.
Thanks for your advice and wisdom on the trip.
David Galloway

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