Turning Archive 2006

Too hard to turn *PIC*

>I have had this piece of red mallee burl in a bag for probably two years. Today I hauled it out with a hollow form in mind.
Forget about it!!! This thing is just too hard. It could be case hardened, I'm not sure. I have turned a lot of hard exotic woods in my time, but have never come up against anything like this.
Here is the deal. If anyone out there wants this piece, I would be willing to trade for whatever. Just send me an email with what you have in mind. If its wood, I would need it dry.
This would probably be good for cutting into small pieces and used for pens or small boxes.
It is 8" in diameter and 3" thick.
I put mineral oil on it to show the grain. It is georgeous with plenty of eyes and swirl.
I origially bought from Lee Tree works and paid $70.
All trades concidered. Thanks Joaz

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