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Results of my cut short fun day *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco; San Jose, Ca.
>These are 3 items I made today. They are from parts of 2 cherry planks I purchased at a local lumberyard. The one on the left was my best form and smoothest bit of gouge work I have done. Very little sanding required. But...it has a nice crack in it, located inside bottom. I went ahead and went through the motions to finish it as I need the practice.
The center one is just a shallow bowl for fruit or stuff. The wall thickness on this one is 3/8". The platter on the right has a wall thickness of 1/8" and just over 1/4" along the bottom. All three have a Minwax finish only.
Well, now back to the honey-do list for me......

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Results of my cut short fun day *PIC*
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