Turning Archive 2006

System Three Epoxy- 5 min

>OK I probably have a few dumb questions but please remember I am a newbie turner. I have a grove around a bowl I want to fill in with colored epoxy. I have bought some Liquitex acrylic paint to mix in the epoxy. Sooooooooooo I did it on scrap (thank goodness) and I have found that after sanding with 320-400-600-1200, buffing with the Beal system and even trying Renisance wax nothing makes it shine. It is still dull. What do I need to do!?!?!!? I have read about a filler. What is that? I didn't see any such product with the system three. Is there a different epoxy I need to use or what? It appears as if it isn't hard. I can make a mark with a stick tho it heals itself. More hardner???? Yikes I am in a panic. Lesson 101 NEVER panic!!!! ;-) And...I thought the turning was tuff. '-)

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