Turning Archive 2006

Masur Birch Hollow form *PIC*

Jim Ketron
>This is some of the prettiest wood I have worked with, it is the largest piece of exotic wood also. I usually just turn wood I find myself, but My good friend Mr. Big Mike Stafford sent me the awesome piece of wood to make my wife a gift. She loves it! Thanks Mike. I usually sale most of my work I only have a few I donít want to part with, but this one will go with the turnings I have received from friends and my keepers.
Itís hard to show all the beauty in this piece, the camera can only capture a small section of how it looks! Itís kind of strange you can look at the top angle and see something totally different than when you were holding it looking at it from the side.
The collar is Ebony and it measures 6 ľĒ tall X 4 ľĒ wide
This piece was turned from a whole crotch log section with the pith in.
Got to find some more of this stuff!

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