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Epoxy Tip

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>I forgot to post this with my question about epoxy earlier but I wanted to pass on a little trick we use at work when we use epoxy to rebuild circuit cards. If you have a turning that you want to add epoxy to but it is a hole that goes clear through (from an inclusion or whatever), you can cut a piece of plastic coffee can lid in whatever shape you need, tape it to the adjacent wood to keep it inside the turning, then fill how you choose. The epoxy won't stick to the plastic at all and it's flexible so you can make it fit any shap you might need. We also sometimes use plastic teflon sheets cut to fit if available. I thought of this when I saw that a turner used duct tape to create a support backing for burl bowls and hollow forms before filling with the epoxy. It seems to me there is probably a lot of effort involved in removing the sticky back duct tape and adhesive from the turning. I hope this helps and as it is my first time posting a tip so feedback is always great. Let me know if any part of the process is unclear.
Thanks for listening,
Mike in FT. Walton Beach, FL

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