Turning Archive 2006

Coloring Epoxy?

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>I am considering experimenting with coloring epoxy based on what I saw in the book "Decorating Turned Wood". The book says to use powdered color but I'm having some trouble finding it. So what are my options? I have seen powdered dye that might work. Liquid paint is always an option but I wonder if it will cause problems with the epoxy curing. I think I have seen powdered tempra (sp?) paint. I guess I'm just looking for a little more guidance than the book offers. I don't want to sand my colored epoxy and have the colored dust stain the rest of the turning. I have checked at Jo-Ann fabric and crafts and my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart with no luck on the powdered paint so I have to try and remember where I saw them. Thanks in advance for help and guidance as usual. Oh yeah, coloring with coffee and powdered graphite would probalby work but again, how to keep the powder from staining the adjacent wood when sanding. I would think the graphite would be like rubbing a pencil everywhere you sand.

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