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My Wonderful WC Friends

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>I should have posted this earlier, but haven't.

My Wife and I would like to thank all of my wonderful WC friends that have been so thoughtful and kind as to send emails, cards, and even gifts of encouragement in her fight with cancer. Everytime she sees one, she tells me that I have wonderful friends - many of which I have never met in person. You guys astound me all the time - with your woodworking skills, and your kindness.

Some, if not most of you, are not up to date: About 3 weeks ago, Dianna was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that has spread to her liver and surounding tissues. With the best of results from Chemo, the best we can be expected is a 6-9 month life expectancy. She has been home for about 2.5 weeks, has taken 3 Chemo Treatments, and we pretty much have the pain and nausea under control. The nausea is from the cancer, not the chemo. The new chemo drugs really do not have any of the old side effects like nausea and hair loss. Thank goodness that I have good medical insurance at work - some of the nausea pills we have had to try to find the right ones were over $100 each. One of the Chemo drugs in pill form that she takes each day is $2700 for a 30 day supply (30 pills).

Anyway, we are doing as well as can be expected. She gets a little worn out by all the friends and family that have stopped by to help. But that is not a bad thing. She is trying to get her life in order -scrapbooking things for the kids, etc.

Once again thanks.


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