Turning Archive 2006

John Jordan shear scraper *PIC*

John Lucas
>I got to spend some time getting used to the John Jordan Schear scraper. This is something new he's offering. It is a handle and a blade with and edge on both ends. The blade stores in the handle when not in use. You extend it and lock it in place with a knob that screws through the handle.

It feels really solid in your hand. It has a 1/4" thick HSS blade that is ground at about 45 degrees in one direction on one end and 45 degrees in the other direction on the other end. This gives you 2 tools in one for use when shear scraping downhill traveling left or right.

The tool is ground to 45 degrees on the bevel and is sharpened by running a stone or diamond hone flat on the top to remove any old burr. Then running up the bevel to raise a new burr. I used a purple/medium EZ lap diamond hone. I tried the finer hones but they didn't raise as good a burr.

It seems work really well but this bowl was too small to really test it. Box elder is really prone to minor tearout when shear scraping. I did get some minor tearout but still had nice curls coming off of the scraper.

If you had to swap the blade around a lot the little knob would probably start to hurt your finger. I don't think this would be much of a problem if at all. My only other complaint is that it didn't come with blade storing instructions. There is a pin in the handle that keeps the blade from going all the way through and dropping to the floor. If you put the blade in the handle with the burr up it will hit this pin and dull it in this area. If you simply slide the handle in with the blade in the normal use position the bottom of the bevel hits this pin and everything is fine.

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