Turning Archive 2006

This was nice, but...

Carole Valentine
>The proprietor of a local gallery saw three of my pieces today and asked if I would consider placing my work in her gallery. I told her I would get back to her. She is in a good location (if there is such a thing for the Eastern Shore) but it is a small sailing/tourist town. Commission is 40% which I felt was a tad high for this locale. She is insured. When I asked if she promotes her artists, I got sort of a run-around answer. "Well, we did when we were getting on our feet. We had "artist nights" at the theatre (a playhouse) where we featured an artist and their work." The operative words here to me were "did" and "had" - past tense. We did not discuss contracts. What do you guys think? Should I persue this, or maybe search out some other galleries to compare? SInce I am so new at turning, should I just wait a while? I know several of the artists who's work she was displaying so maybe I should give them a call and see what kind kind of success they have had there, or is that not a kosher thing to do?
I have to admit that it was nice to have someone think my work was worth displaying, but I have never been one to rush into anything and it wouldn't bother me at all to wait. If nothing else, I has given me a little extra incentive to turn more and turn better.

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