Turning Archive 2008

Give a cat a bath *PIC*

John K Jordan
>Allergic to cats?

I was reminded today that you can eliminate almost all allergic reactions to cats by giving them a bath once a week. I used to do this but forgot all about it since I'm not bothered by my two current house cats. But in training a kitten to be "personable" for give-away, I had a lot of problems with head and lung congestion. Reminded of the bath treatment, I dunked the cat and all is well - she sits on my arm right now while typing and I've nary a symptom.

The allergist told me once all you have to do is rinse them in clear water once a week to remove most of what ails people. This can be challenging with a full-grown can (requires welding gloves, riding leathers, and full face shield) but kittens accept it more easily. A little baby shampoo helps as long as it's rinsed well.

Don't you need a nice kitten? Maybe she will fit into a Flat Rate box. :)


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