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How is a Jet 1220VS (DC motor) Supposed to Sound?

Philip Morris
>Placed an order for a Jet 1220VS on Tuesday of this past week and it was drop shipped to my office on Friday from Jet. (BTW, ordered it from McGivern Hydraulics, Doug Thompson's friend/associate - see the links page on Thompson Lathe Tools. They offer true free shipping and their price is around $20 less than most others. Good people, too.)

Anyway, Unpacked the lathe and started it up. Was floored to find it was sooooo quiet. I believe that it is quiter than my Oneway 1640!

My Question:
Is it normal for the DC motor to make kindof a "tickety-tickety" sound, almost like a sewing machine?

When I manually turn the handwheel in the direction of rotation, you can hear a faint "rrrrrrrm" sound from the motor, similar to the noise a car starter makes when the battery is dead an you try to start it. I ran it with the drive belt disconnected from the spindle pulley and it makes the same noise, so it is definitely the motor.

It's not a terrible sound, nor is it very loud. But it is noticable and I just wanted to make sure it is nothing that needs to be addressed.

Also, as many on the forums have noted, the ON/OFF switches are bad. Mine has already stuck ON once. Think I will resource a replacement locally, rather than having Jet send another bad one.

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