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thinking about the Crushgrind mechanism

Steven Kubien
>Hi all,

I just picked up my first crushgrind mechanism (the shaftless version) and while I am looking at the instructions and the unit itself, I've come up with a couple of questions....

Do you or your clients fill the mill by removing the grey adjustment wheel and filling from the bottom? If not, why not? and this question leads to....

If one were to fill via the bottom, one would not need to drill a through hole and have a cap. The entire mill would be two pieces with the lower piece turning for grinding and the top for holding the fixed end of the mechanism and holding the pepper/salt. Is there a problem I don't see with doing it this way? I figure that the fewer parts I have to fit together accurately, the better (hey, I'm a turner not a furniture maker!).

Your thoughts?

Steve Kubien

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