Turning Archive 2008

Need 13/16 Fostner bit

Joe Pack
>I am looking for a high quality 13/16 fostner bit for boring kaleidoscope blanks. I have one I got from Rockler, but it is dulling quickly, after only a dozen or so 2 1/4" deep holes in endgrain of exotics. I am drilling at 380 rpm, +/-, without extreme pressure, but I can already tell the bit is dulling. For boring just a couple, the bit I have would be okay, but I am looking at a couple of dozen in the next two weeks. (Partial gloat...I made just 6 for a craft show today to see if they would sell, and was pleasantly surprised to sell all 6 in the first 2 hours of the show, with the last lady asking if I had more!)

I don't mind paying a bit more for a bit that will last, even carbide if that is a good cost/benefit . What brand and source would you recommend?

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