Turning Archive 2008

Finally! A good face shield!

Carole Valentine
>A face shield I don't know I am wearing and that I cannot fog! I have been guilty of often not wearing a face shield because I could not get a good fit and even the "no-fog" ones would fog up on me. I was at Bruce Hoover's shop (The Sanding Glove) this morning and he showed me a Uvex that he stocks. I was able to get a good fit, but was skeptical about the no-fog, but I bought one anyway. Have been turning with it for the past hour and LOVE it! I don't know it is there and it did not fog at all. I thought maybe it might be the weather conditions, so I pulled out one of my old "anti-fog" shields and put it on and it instantly started fogging. These are the same people that used to make my ski googles that never fogged. The Trend will now sit in the corner unless I need dust filtration and even then I may just wear a mask under the shield! No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. I think Bruce will be at the Virginia Symposium, so stop by and try one of these things on.

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