Turning Archive 2008

Sycamore vs Sweet Gum?

Allen Neighbors
>After reading John's post concerning Sweet (red) Gum, I cut into some wood that a friend gave me. And another, mystery log, that I got from the land fill.
The tree from my friend was a tall tree, that had those little spiney balls hanging all over it, and bark that made me think it was a Sycamore.
The tree from the land fill made me think of Sweet Gum. It did have a few streaks of pink as John has described in his post.
I roughed out two bowls from each yesterday, and now I can't tell the difference between them.
I don't see the little rays that you normally see in Sycamore.
My Questions follow:
Is it normal for a novice to mistake Sweet Gum for Sycamore? and vice versa?
Does Sweet Gum have those little spiney balls growing on it?

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