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OT Dog Problem

Bill Grumbine - Kutztown PA
>Greetings all

We have a new dog. Some of you met him at the picnic. He is a rescue dog, a little over a year old, and I am having some trouble with him on which I could use some advice. The easy solution is to take him back where we got him, but I can't really bear to think of that, so I am hoping someone here has some good advice.

We were told when we got him that he was crate trained. He wasn't, and it doesn't look like he is going to be. He goes nuts in the crate, trying as hard as he can to literally tear himself out. He tore up two plastic pans before we were able to find an old metal pan that he could not chew. His escape attempts came to a climax a week ago Tuesday at 2:30 AM when we were awakened by a tremendous dog howl of pain. He had broken one of the wires in the crate and pushed his paw through. Then, when it got pinched, he pulled it back, impaling his paw on the wire so that it was sticking through and about 2" -3" out the other side. That was a lot of fun getting him freed of that. It was even more fun shoveling $320.00 out to the vet for stitches the next morning.

We've tried keeping him in a couple of different rooms of the house. He has toys, bones, and we even tried that doggie pheromone that is supposed to have a calming effect on dogs. Tonight we came home to find the door and door frame between two rooms completely chewed to bits. The door is a 200 yr old original, and can be repaired, but the molding on the frame is completely destroyed, and wood chips are everywhere.

I am at a real loss as to what to do to stop this kind of behavior. We weren't even gone for two hours, so he had to have started right after we left. It is not like he is locked up for hours on end and has no way to run off steam either. He has the run of two acres, contained by an invisible fence, and has plenty of rabbits and squirrels to chase. He also loves chasing cars along the upper field, so he gets plenty of exercise every day.

If anyone has any EXPERIENCE with this, I would be glad to hear it. I would appreciate not hearing wild theories though.



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