Turning Archive 2008


>I am pretty new to turning,my wife bought me a mini lathe for my birthday back in March. Since that time I have found turning a great joy in my lathe. Since my surgery in Jan my pending retirment from the Navy after 33 years I have been very fortunate that my health is now great, but I find I have allot of time on my hands while I wait for my offical retirment date. So I spend about 7 hours a day on my new toy.
I have been trying all sorts of wood and a few days ago I bought a new piece of Myrtle wood from my local wood store. Never having turned Myrtle I thought I would try turning a lidded box since it had a very nice color to it with some VERY nice rays as well.
I turned the 4 x 4 x 10 piece of wood to a cylinder and then proceded to part it for my lidded. Once I that was completed I decided to stop for the day.
This morning I went out to the shop and my heart sank. The lid portion of the box had cracks from the out side to the center and the base had a large amount of cracks as well. Before I started I noticed some small cracks in the piece and I had cut several inches off both ends thinking that would elevate the cracks from the rest of the peice.
So my question is what did I do wrong? Was the wood not cured? I have no idea what I can use this wood for now other than practicing with my tools on the piece.

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