Turning Archive 2008

Food For Thought - Can't Stop *LINK*

charlie belden
>Posted earlier about an Off The Wall turning project one of the neighborhood kids came up with - a hamburger. Kids can act as wonderful Muses - as in "I wonder what the hell they'll come up with next?".

Now as you're working on making their idea in wood, as they see what you've got they keep refining their Wild Hare Idea adding addendums faster than you can keep up.

You need to brown the inside of the bun more.

There's supposed to be sesame seeds on top.

Where's the toothpick?

Shouldn't it be on a paper plate - turned out of wood of course?

I think there should be TWO pieces of bacon.

People love to play with this thing. Maybe it's an act of rebellion against DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!

This food thing may turn out to be a fun series of pieces.

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