Turning Archive 2008

While working today.....

Randy Johnson Connersville IN
>...I pulled into the driveway of a house to read the meter and the owner came out to see me. He asked if I would shut the gas off to an out building while I was there so I grabbed a wrench and headed around to the other side of the house where the meter was.I couldn't budge the valve with the ten inch adjustable cresent so I walked back to the truck for a bigger wrench.
Passing by the side door of the house I noticed a fairly large banjo with the toolrest sitting next to the steps. When I got back to the meter I asked the man what kind of a lathe it came from. He couldn't figure out what I was talking about, so I showed him on the way back to the truck.
He didn't even know what it was. It turns out that it came from his father in-law's farm where had been used for years for the same purpose he was using it. As a boot scraper. He had never given any thought to it being anything else. You have to wonder if the lathe got sent to the dump or if someone has an old lathe somewhere that is compleat except for the banjo and toolrest.
BTW, it was black but the color in the tee slot and underneath was more or less white. The only ID on it was V736 cast into the top.

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