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Observations of a trip to the USA...>>>

>...>>> I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Besides turning, I expanded my shop and landed in the hospital right afterwards, I'll spare you the details.

I just got back from taking a week long course at Craft Supplies USA and had a few observations. I have no stock with CSUSA and nothing to gain from my comments.

1. The teacher was Jimmy Clewes, posted as an advance/signature course. His first statement was that we're all mates learning together. That's exactly how it was. I have been to demos and courses but I have never learned so much or have taken it home with me to continue to use. Rigerous, fast paced, with hands on help. Kirk DeHeer assisted in the class. Both Jimmy and Kirk are just fantastic guys. We call them mentchen where I come from. Always willing to help without a hint of anything different. At the end, Jimmy gave away to the class the works he made in class. He felt that since we paid, it was only fair that he gives back. I'm definitly impressed.

2. CSUSA made sure the best equpiment was available, everything worked fine and the'basic' wood used for the class was just fine so there really was no need to get anything else. The staff made you feel welcome and at home.

3. I have always thought the Vicmarc VL300 would have been below par compared to the ones I own from Australia. First I started with a Woodfast but it was mysteriously replaced for their VL300. It was just fine, no power difference, no real leg issue and the only difference is the red bar.

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