Turning Archive 2008


>After having been away from woodworking for a few years I'm starting back up and of course protecting my lungs is an issue. I have a good half-face respirator with new filters but am curious about the powered respirators. As far as actual protection, if fitted properly is there a difference? I would assume if they fit properly and have the same class of filter the protection would be the same but there would of course be the differences in comfort, convenience, etc. I used to use the Dustfoe (like miners wear) but now use a double cannister version from 3M. My wife ( a scroll saw nut )uses the Dust-be-gone and I am trying to convince her to use a respirator also. We are running a Jet air cleaner and a single stage dust collector but will be upgrading to a cyclone by the end of summer (that will be another thread) Any thoughts, opinions etc are very welcome. Thanks folks...

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