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Two down, one to go... OT with pics

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

This past weekend Sarah, our second daughter, tied the knot with her beloved fiancÚ Anthony. Some of you may remember that our oldest daughter Greta got married about this time last year to a guy named - Anthony! Emily has not yet met her Anthony. What is even weirder is that both sons-in-law are truck drivers by trade. And both insist on being called Anthony. So we have two out the door, and one left to go. Then we will be empty nesters, and while we love our children dearly, we are also looking forward to them starting lives of their own.

Here is Sarah with her Anthony. The inside pictures are grainy, as Sarah has been suffering from migraines, and flashing lights trigger them. So, most pictures were restricted to available light.

Here is yours truly posing with the bride. Notice my stylish shoes? In all the confusion getting packed up to leave from the hotel, my good shoes were left behind, and we did not have time to go back and get them. Sarah is wearing her mother's wedding gown.

Here's a drive by gloat! I am holding the first granddaughter born to our oldest and her Anthony! She is all of two months and four days old here, and being a good baby in that she was out cold. Now that we have two married off, I am sure we will be seeing more of these little bundles of joy.

See you all in Richmond! Well, some of you anyway.


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