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Free Wood And Patience

charlie belden
>It's amazing, once you develop a network, how much nice wood is readily available - for free. Now by free I mean you don't have to buy. But, it's a Pay Me Now Or Pay Me Later thing. Throw in the price of a chainsaw, extra chains and maybe an extra bar, gas, oil, clean up time, AND a bandsaw, and blades and clean up, AND the cost of Anchor Seal or the like, AND the space taken up by all that sealed and drying wood, AND the year or two or three of time for the wood to dry, AND the green wood that self destructs no matter what you do that won't come out the other end as usable - - -

Now if you love turning "green" wood, and don't mind it "moving" for the next six months to a year - or more . . .

BUT - if you want to turn lidded boxes or small, small opening hollow forms, or some multi-axis turning, or anything that's threaded - you have to pay for that "free" with - with patience - the bigger the chunk of drying "green" wood, the higher the patience price tag.

Woodworkers in general, and turners specifically don't seem to do Cost Benefit Analysis or look at the ROI.

charlie belden
starting the Patience Clock for some cherry plum, some juniper (which sure smells like cedar) and some black walnut

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