Turning Archive 2008

Now I need to ruin a battery charger

steve antonucci
>Water Gap Woodturners hosted Graeme Priddle last night as a guest lecturer. He's teaching at Peter's Valley and graciously volunteered to "do something- whatever you want" for the group.

If you've never seen his work up close, it is simply incredible. The closer you get to it, the more you want to touch it. Layer after layer reveal themselves upon inspection. Not to be missed if you get a chance.

Graeme asked the group if we wanted to see a burning demo, and the consensus was "sure, why not?" He started by describing his need for amperage. No little handpieces for him. He uses a homemade handpiece that probably cost a dollar to make hooked up to a car battery charger! 10A of power +/-. The tip of his burner heated up so fast that when it touched wood, the wood squeaked like a mouse ("mousewood"- you had to be there!). He is a man after my own heart, with a complete DIY mentality.

He did some branding, mentioned our own Molly Winton (and showed your basketweave tip to the group), and generally answered questions about how and why he maked things. A good time was had by all.

On a personal note, I volunteered (and was voted by the membership, running unopposed) to be the club secretary. I now need to figure out what a club secretary is supposed to do, so I can start doing it...


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