Turning Archive 2008

I was accepted !

Don Orr
>I got the news yesterday that my work was accepted into the artist's co-op that I just joined. Now before anyone is too impressed, I don't think the jury has ever actually rejected anyone who is a member. The organization is called the Tri-County Arts Council and the shop is called Art Works! It is located in Cobleskill, NY. My wife has her pottery and fabric art there and my sister-in-law has her photography there. There are a couple of other turners in there as well, from my former club. One does nice work and another does what I call "Rustic" turnings. I finally have an outlet to try and sell things I make. It's a consignment arrangement where they get 30%, but if I put in some hours at the shop they only get 20%. Not bad !

Now I guess I better get back to the lathe !

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