Turning Archive 2008

Variety is the spice of life...

steve antonucci
>at least in my opinion.

For a club to be a valuable resource to everyone, I think you need to mix it up. I belong to two clubs, and one has a good mix of "demo", show and tell, adminstrivia, and presentation without the lathe running. The other one is still working on the mix, since it is a new group.

I personally think that the more advanced the group is, the less "demo" you might want. If I know how to cut a bowl, I may not come to a meeting if we're just going to watch someone cut a bowl. If I've never cut a bowl, showing some advanced topics might be way over my head. You need balance at every meeting.

One of the things that I think every club should do is set aside a few minutes for "hands on with the experts". Having a few minutes with someone who knows how to sharpen or use a bowl gouge helps the beginners integrate much quicker and more safely. I've spent 10 minutes with a guy at Five Barns who only turns once a year, and I have gotten him to produce long ribbons of wood. Even if it's only once a quarter, having a hands on for the masses is probably the most valuable thing a club can offer.


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