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Ron Sardo's Gift Box *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>I received a note from Ron Sardo congratulating me on the birth of my grandson and he said he had a piece of wood that I needed to turn into a box to commemorate the event. I sent him my address.

A few days later I received a nice big box containing the most wonderful piece of bubinga burl that you can imagine. I have not turned it yet as I must study it for a while and make sure I have the best design to display this magnificent piece of wood. I have to wear a bib every time I look at it as I drool much like my grandson at the prospect of using it.

In addition to the wood there was a smaller box in the package. I opened it and found a most magnificent box in kingwood that Ron had turned. It is a real beauty. As I tried to open it the lid would not come off and then I discovered it was threaded. I did not know Ron was threading boxes. The grain alignment is absolutely perfect when the lid is screwed tight as the picture will evidence.

Anyway, having one of Ron's boxes in hand confirms why I so admire his work and have always looked toward his level of work as a benchmark I hope to achieve. I am so very pleased to have one of his boxes in my collection.

Thank you, Ron, for the most thoughtful gift of beautiful wood to commemorate my grandson's birth and thank you doubly for the gift of such a fine box.

The box is about 2 3/4" in both directions and it is all mine. You ain't getting it back Ron!!!

I will make a second post showing it open.

Thanks again for such a generous gift.

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