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>Plain old sulfur works fairly well on repelling ticks and as far as I know it doesn't damage anything, in fact in my locality it is often mixed in chemical fertilizer to help acidify the soil. Some folks get the 50# sack (pelletized) and use it in their lawn and around their outbuildings. As a kid growing up we sprinkled it in our shoes and socks not very expensive either. I recently heard the Army has went back to using it.
About using "Sevin" on plants in flower, one of its recommended uses or used to be used to be was to cause fruit shead, so the limbs wouldn't break. Guess it wouldn't do bees much good, but then the encapsulated parathion didn't do a colony of about 12 or 14 hives I had a half mile from a cotton field either, our kindly US Government paid me partially for them then of all things sent me a 1099 at the end of the year.

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