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Carole Valentine
>You are right - spraying anything in all these woods surrounding my house is a daunting task and one that I just could not accomplish. Nor could I mow - the trees are just too close together and I don't have a mower for that anyway. As beautiful as deer are, I have come to the conclusion that the population needs to be brought under control. Everyone just wants to hunt bucks - they should make you tag at least 3 does before you are allowed to tag a buck. That might help. Deer-car crashes are another HUGE problem here. It's not a question of "if" it's going to happen to you - it's just "when"!
Speaking of itching from tick bites, when my brother's border collie was lost a few of years ago, I was tramping through the heart of the forest down near the swamp looking for her. I was in the woods for about 3 hours. When I got out, I immediately went home and stripped to do a tick search. I had 180 bites from seed ticks that were so small you could barely see them. Talk about itch! I nearly went insane. The doctor put me on antibiotics and gave me some specially mixed antihistamine cream, but it didn't do a lot for the itch. I think that was the episode that sensitized me to them.
Unfortunately, my neighborhood does not allow any type of poultry or fowl and I don't expect they would last long anyway - too many foxes and hawks. The coyote population is becoming established as well.

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