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Carole Valentine
>Good point John. I never use Sevin on any flowering plants intentionally, but I am sure there are probably a few in the woods around my house that catch some drift. I really don't know what else to use. Is there anything that will control the ticks but not harm the pollinators? I wish I could have guineas here (or peacocks). The tick born diseases (Erlichiosis and Lymes) made my Mom's later years miserable (kidney and liver problems, lost sense of smell from the high fever, joint problems, etc) It is definitely not something I want to experience. My dog has already had Erlichiosis twice. Fortunately (?)I am one of those people who is really sensitive to tick bites...almost as soon as they bite me I start itching furiously and even a minutes long bite leaves a pit that looks like the flesh dissolved and takes a long time to heal. AT least the itching results in their quick removal - hopefully before the diseases can be transmitted. I am going to look for that thing you mentioned previously.

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