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Sevin and bees
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John K Jordan
>>...I have not seen a honey bee in 8 years

That is sad. With today's long list of imported honeybee diseases and parasites, there are probably no sustained wild colonies left and the only bees keeping our food supply going are those kept alive by beekeepers.

Seeing no honeybees around our farm is the reason I started keeping hives. I have six now and there are bees everywhere. Our bees are now pollinating our farm and farms and yards for miles in each direction.

You realize this Carole, but everyone needs to know - Sevin is deadly to bees, not just to those who come into contact, but to the entire colony since they carry the dust back just like pollen and everyone in the hive eats it for supper. Never, ever, EVER dust Sevin on blossoms at any time, even on the flowers of weeds.

Something to think about - even if there are no honeybees in the area, if the only pollinators left (bumble bees, etc.) are poisoned there will be nothing at all left for the veggies, fruits, and flowers.

When I use Sevin in the garden, I apply directly to affected leaves with a duster when the wind is calm, or better, spray the mixture of liquid Sevin solution and water. The liquid sticks better to the leaves and can't be spread around as easily.


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