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John K Jordan
>>... very small ticks

We always called them "seed ticks", the larval stage of the tick. These things are a horrible menace. After chancing on an infestation, I've found them crawling on me by the dozens. Each is the size and color of a skin pore and almost impossible to find so they are far more likely to bite. A bite from these little critters can also carry disease. For those of us sensitive/allergic to tick bites, each bite means a welt and three or four months of intense itching. This is unpleasant. (!)

Fortunately, I've found a device that cures the prolonged reaction to tick bites and instant relief from insect stings. A tick bite will heal in several days rather than several months. An insect sting will cease hurting almost immediately and the reaction eliminated or greatly reduced.

The device is "The Extractor", available from Walmart and elsewhere in the camping section. It uses a small suction device to suck out the poison, enzimes, and germs associated with insect stings and bites. I keep several of these around for yellowjacket stings, which give me severe swelling, but the thing also does wonders for stings from any insect, even mosquitoes, as well as poisonous snake bites. I've had my entire arm from hand to shoulder swell up from a single yellowjacket sting - since I started using the Extractor, yellowjacket stings have produced no more than a quarter-sized swelling.

I keep spares on hand, one on the tractor, one in the barn, etc., and have given many of these to families with small children. If you have children or a wife and don't live in an underwater habitat, you ***NEED*** at least one of these. (In my humble but accurate opinion.)

Available all over for about $12-$15 so DO NOT buy it from Amazon.com!

The link below has some good info about ticks.


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