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Dinyar Chavda

We had a cabin (a camp, to be locally correct) up on a hill in Maine, where the seasons are usually referred to by the bugs that are attacking you--as in mosquito season, black fly season, deer fly season, tick season, and no-seeum season, to name just a few. The first topic of conversation whenever we met any of our neighbors was how bad the prevalent bugs in our respective properties were. Living in Maine really made you question the belief that man is at the top of the food chain!

What we used against ticks was Deet. It seemed to work better than anything else, although Janet and I would always inspect one another after we'd been out in the woods (particularly on our heads, where the ticks can hide quite easily!).

Here are some urls that might be of use:




Also, there is advice her re how to remove ticks:


Don't forget your pets, if you have any. We used both a flea and tick collar and something like Frontline Plus or BioSpot, plus regular inspections and combing.

Good luck. Lyme disease is not fun at all!

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