Turning Archive 2008

Can't wait for spring (pics)

GolfSteve in Calgary

Tonight's the night! First softball game of the year. Weather forecast is only 13 degrees with 40% chance of rain, so using the new super-duper complex alloy carbon-fibre mega bat is just a good way to put a "dent" in the pocket book (the bats dent or break if it is too cold out). The $20 maple bat is going to get a workout tonight.

The bat was made from the maple blanks that Lee Valley is currently selling. It came out a bit heavy at 1010 grams (35 oz). I usually like a light 28 oz bat, but since I made this I want to give it a try.

Does anybody have a good idea for how to burn and/or paint a logo onto the side of the bat? I ended up just painting a big "O" on each side so that the people who can't read grain direction hold the bat right side up.

Wishing the snow would go away, so I could enjoy tee-ball with my daughter.


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