Turning Archive 2008

Robust Comfort Tool Rest

Carole Valentine
>I recently got a 6" Robust tool rest and I will have to say that this is without a doubt the best tool rest I have ever used. The tool rest that came with my lathe (Nova) was awful so I had been using the round bar type rests and always got irritated when my hand would hit the post. This is a non-existent problem with the Robust design! In my mind, the perfect tool rest is one that I don't even notice as I am turning and that is the case with the Comfort Rest. It also allows me to get closer to the work than any other rest I have used, even when working in the tight areas adjacent to the spindle or tailstock. The embedded rod in the top of the rest allows the tool to glide and maneuver effortlessly.I plan on getting the larger rests as well and highly recommend them to anyone not happy with their current tool rest!
No affiliation - simply a delighted user!

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