Turning Archive 2008

Re: Pen Drilling Vise & Assembly

>I fail to understand why t here is a need to purchase expensive gizmos to use on a tool so the tool can do what it was designed to do.
For the most part a drill press is used to drill a hole perpendicular to the table.(unless one wants a hole on a different axis in relation to the blank).
Before you go out to buy an unneeded device check a few things out.
Is the DP table perpendicular to the bit in the chuck?
No matter how much you pay for something to hold the blank if the table isn't "square" to the bit the resulting hole will not be centered.
If you are using a vee block and the table is sqaure to the bit, is the blank square?
It is not absolutely necessary to have perfectly square blanks for most materials but if the blank is tapered the hole will be parallel to the sides.
All that being said, all you need is a "V" block in a DP vice.
If you are doing production work a self centering vice is a big plus but not for a few blanks not necessary.
Because of the patterned blanks I make I need to drill dead center to the pattern not the blank.
Using a collet chuck on the lathe is the most accurate way I have found to drill center.

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