Turning Archive 2008

Phil Brennion Benefit Sale *PIC*

>Members of the Honolulu Woodturners club are being asked to donate one or more pieces for a sale that we have organized with Nohea Gallery in the Ward Warehouse shopping complex. The artists' share of the sales will be sent directly to Phil's account in Arizona. I am mentioning this so other clubs across the country might consider a similar arrangement with their local gallery.

If your clubmembers are fortunate enough to have experienced a Mike Mahoney demonstration, he produces a ton of stuff during the day and usually leaves the pieces to the club. I am sure he won't mind if a couple of his pieces are finished up and sold to benefit Phil. Photo below is a Narra platter that Mike made. I finished it and it was presented to our local WoodCraft owner in appreciation for his support of our club.

Never sold a piece before? Don't belong in a club or have a gallery in your area? Contact me, and perhaps we can get your donated piece into our benefit sale.

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