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charlie belden
>GREAT VIDEO! Thanks. The "cracking" the egg and frying pan was a nice finale.

As is the case with most turnings, the fun and games is how to hold the piece at each step of the process. And, as a relative newbie, I trap myself by thinking only in terms of "between centers" or "one end in the chuck". To a large extent that's because of my other newbie bias - don't waste wood. The idea of USING some of the wood for a jam chuck violates Don't Waste Wood and is foolishly ruled out.

So that means "between centers" to create tenons on both ends of the blank for holding the top and bottom parts for hollowing and roughing the shape while still between centers.
But, that procedure means that the top of the top and the bottom of the bottom are shaped to the point of parting off - which - leaves a point top and bottom - exactly what you don't want - points.

The jam chuck allows you to work on the ends, solving the "point" problem the newbie approach wolefully doesn't permit.

I enjoy thinking "outside the box" when it comes to ideas for turnings. I'll try all sorts of things, some wild ass dead ends, but still interesting. BUT - when it comes to holding the parts my vision narrows to "between centers" or "one end in the scroll chuck" - in no small part dues to the newbie Don't Waste Wood fallacy.

But even if 95% of what I start with ends up on the floor (and in my shirt, in my pockets and some even in my shorts) AND I end up with the piece I either envisioned before turning on the lathe, or which presented itself during the turning - NOTHING was wasted.

That change in mindset may be one of the significant milestones on this turning journey. I'll keep turning right along and eventually I'll pass that important milestone.

So much to learn. So little wood. So many shavings.

Fun this turning thing.

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