Turning Archive 2008

not one for the gallery *PIC*

John K Jordan
>I see beautiful works of woodturning art here every day. This is not one of them.

While planting rhubarb yesterday I broke the handle on one of my shovels. Hey, 42" lathe, dry hickory in the barn - hmmm...

I made a replacement handle with wood from a hickory tree I had removed to make room for my new shop. I cut the wood into a bunch of handle-sized pieces on the sawmill and they have been drying in the barn loft for about a year. A steady-rest would have been good but I worked around it. I boiled the end in water so it would bend a bit when inserting it into the shovel socket.

Good clean fun and I saved $10 or so! I only have to replace about 499 more handles to make this woodturning hobby pay for itself. :)

Roughing gouge and skew. Sanded to a fine surface with 100 grit. Oil finish. Design inspired by the classics.


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