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Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Dick, I agree with you completely. They would have had to been waaayyy off for anyone to see anything at the installation points. I'm pretty sure the problem with the finials was serious cracking. I saw what happened with the reject pieces that I kept. I think the contractor may have been casting doubt on the closeness of the duplication to get me to buy into the need to do them over again. He was all for paying me for the second try as well. I told him that I could turn them all over again just to have them rejected all over again, and without the ability to discuss it with one of the principal players, it would be an exercise in futility. Not only that, it was a real bear of a job!

I've met hundreds of engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and even (gasp!) architects over the years as I have traveled, and most of them understand the difference between CNC and hand turned. I won't write off architects completely, but if I can't talk to someone who has that kind of control on a project, I am not getting involved again. I've got way too much work coming in to have to deal with that kind of stuff.


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