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Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>John, I turned some Douglas fir finials for a contractor last summer. I even posted pictures of them here. Before I took the job, I explained a few things to him.

Me: Do you understand that these will be close in appearance, but not exact?

Him: Yes. They will be 12 feet off the ground and about 40 feet apart from one another.

Me: Do you also understand that this wood that you are providing is going to crack?

Him: Yes.

Me: Is either of these a problem?

Him: No.

So I turned them. The guy came to pick them up, studied them closely, and pronounced them good. FIVE MONTHS LATER he calls me to tell me the architect did not accept them because they were not exact to the drawing, and they were cracking. He would not let me speak to the architect directly, telling me that we were both "sources" for him that he would not divulge. I told him to take me off the source list and that I would give him his money back, but I would not turn them again if I was going to have to deal with an architect and his micrometer.

I learned two things from this job - no more softwood finials, and no more architects. Good luck with your own.


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